The Sanitation Man provides total property disinfection services to treat and fight the spread of Coronavirus, COVID-19. Approved by the Environmental Protection Agency as a treatment to protect and defend against harmful viruses. Perfect for a wide range of properties: residential homes, commercial and industrial. The Sanitation Man is licensed and insured to service any property size.

Why Sanitation Man

The Sanitation Man takes care of the necessary details giving you the peace of mind you need to work on getting things back to the routine you want:

  • Licensed, Bonded and Insured: This ensures that we must comply with state and/or federal bonding and insurance requirements.


  • Regular Rigorous Team Training: Our team is regularly and continuously trained on proper handling of all products to ensure the highest level of safety across all interactions.


  • Team Members Wearing and Utilizing Proper Gear: We are serious about the health and safety of our team members and take the necessary precautions to protect our team and our customers.


  • EPA Approved Products: We use the product Nisus DSV, which was added to the EPA’s List N on March 13, 2020, to qualify it against SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19. Our product is approved to disinfect residential, commercial, and industrial properties.


  • Checklist to Review with Customer: Prior to the appointment, our technician will review a detailed list of the tasks to be performed and the areas to be disinfected.


What you should know

The product only needs 10 minutes on a nonporous surface to attack viruses. All residents and visitors must stay away from the property for 2 hours after service. Everything must be removed from surfaces. All porous surfaces must be covered before treatment.

How it works

Total property disinfectant using a misting device to apply product on all non-porous surfaces and 6ft up the wall. Our product is able to reach high and low spots often missed by wiping down a surface by hand due to our misting device’s broad reach capacity. Wipe down service is offered as well as an additional service if needed. The product used is required to remain wet on a surface for 10 minutes for proper disinfection.


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